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Georgia, April 2006
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Division of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, New York, 10024, U.S.A.

Cave and Endangered Invertebrate Research, Karst Biosciences and Environmental Geophysics Research Laboratories, SWCA environmental Consultants, 4407 Monterey Oaks Boulevard, Building 1, Suite 110, Austin, Texas, 78749, U.S.A.

Nadine and I made our spider debut in 1999 with Fred Coyle and Bill Shear in their famous spider class. Since, we kept ourselves busy around spiders, especially with community ecology, taxonomy and systematics. I previously worked as a post-doctoral researcher in San Diego State University with Marshal Hedin and in Portland State University with Susan Masta. I am currently working for SWCA environmental consultants as a senior scientist for numerous cave related projects. Nadine is now Norman Platnick's research assistant at the AMNH and works on Oonopidae. Our interests are oriented around cave spiders, Linyphiidae, and the genus Cicurina, among others. These projects brought us on the road, in the lab and in caves more than we could ever imagine. You will find below a few of the things that drives us in this never ending quest to go where no pedipalp has gone before

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The Spiders of Québec is an on going project. Access the updated species list and illustrations for identification
Les Araignées du Québec est un projet en constante évolution. Accédez à la dernière mise à jour de la liste d'espèces et aux illustrations permettant leur identification

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Systematics of Oaphantes
Taxonomic revision of Cicurina
Phylogenetics of Cicurina
Cave spiders of North America
Anapistula in Texas
Linyphiinae of North America
Porrhomma cavernicola
Molecular systematics of NA Leptonetidae
Molecular dating of the Cicurella radiation
Checklist of Canadian Spiders
Genitalic variation in Cicurina
Revision of Dietrichia
Nanavia, you are full of surprises
The enigmatic genus Smilax
Eyeless Batrisodes in Texas caves
Phanetta subterranea
Introduced spiders in Canada
Three new troglobitic spiders in NA
Carabidae in New Zealand forests
Genetic stucture of eyeless Cicurina in South Travis (Texas)
Spider phenology in the Yamaska Park
Biodiveristy sampling protocol comparison
Family key & species list of NZ spiders
Addition to the spider of Québec (pu)
Revision of Scirites (pu)
A new Tapinocyba (pu)
Spiders of the Yamaska Park, Québec (pu)
Cicurina bandida synonymy (pu)
Frederickus a new Linyphiidae genus (pu)
A new Mysmenidae in NA (pu)
Addition to the spider of Québec, II (ip)
A first troglobitic weevil in NA (ip)
Nomina dubia for NZ spiders (pu)
Introduced spiders Montreal Biodôme (pu)
New Zealand Latrodectus (ip)
Troglopilic/troglobitic Agyneta (ip)
Morpho & mol techniques for spiders (ip)
New Canadian spider species (pu)
Redescription of Cicurella (su)
From 2 to 3D: improvement of the beating sheet technique (ms)


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I dont take photos, Nadine does. Most of the shots you will see were taken by Nadine, but some were given by friends and colleagues. Thanks to M. Hedin, C. Buddle, P. Craig, K. White, M. Sanders, Shuqiang Li, D. Kavanaugh, J.F Landry, C. Simard and B. Huber for their photos. A particular thanks to Jean Krejca for the permission to use her fantastic cave shots (photo album #8).