Essays on Science (in English)


Preface and Contents

1. Physics, Community and the Crisis in Physical Theory (S.S. Schweber)

2. Progress in Science and Religion (F. Dyson)

3. On the Bohr's Model of Atoms (from M.J. Klein's Paul Ehrenfest Vol. 1 The Making of a Theoretical Physicist)

4. Hypothesis in Physics (from H. Poincare Science and Hypothesis, Chapter IX)

5. The Fundaments of Theoretical Physics (from A. Einstein Ideas and Opinions, Part V)

6. A New Rationality? (from I. Prigogine The End of Certainty, Introduction)

7. The Common Sense of Science (from J. Bronowski The Common Sense of Science, Chapter VII)

8. Deceit in History (from W. Broad and N. Wade Betrayers of the Truth, Chapter 2)

9. Theory, Model and Hypothesis (Based on H. Kozima, The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon, Appendix B)