Contents of CFRL English News


No. 69 (2007. 12.10)

1. Six Papers published in Reports of CFRL (the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory)

2. A Lecture gNuclear Chemistry in the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh was given on September 25, 2007 at the Nuclear Chemistry Division of the Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences held in Shizuoka, Japan

3. Cold Fusion Session in APS 2007 March Meeting was held on March 5, 2007 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

4. ICCf13 (The International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, 2007) was held on June 25 – July 1, in Sochi, Russia.

5. 8th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen/Deuterium Loaded Metals was held on October 13 – 18 in Catania, Sicily, Italy

6. JCF8 was held on November 29 – 30 in Kyoto, Japan


No. 68 (2007. 5. 1)

1. PSU, Department of Physics Spring 2007 Seminar

The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon by Hideo Kozima

2. The Journal of New Energy No. 7-2 (2007) will be published soon


No. 67 (2007. 4. 5)

1.     Proc. ICCF12 was published

2.     Abstracts of our papers submitted to ICCF13

3.     Free Internet Encyclopedia gOpen-Siteh introduces objectively the Cold Fusion Research


No. 66 (2006. 11. 3)

1. ICCF13 will be held on June 25 – July 1, 2007 at Dagomys, Sochi, Russia

2. JCF7 was held in Kagoshima on April 27 – 28 and Proceedings were published


No. 65 (2006. 8. 6)

1. H. Kozima, The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon, Elsevier, 2006 was published.

2. ICCF13 in Russia


No. 64 (2006. 3. 10)

1. Proc. ICCF10 was published.

2. Proc. ICCF11 was published.

3. A new neutron source in solids was proposed by Widom and Larsen.


No. 63 (2005. 12. 10)

1. H. Kozima, gScience of eCold Fusionfh (in Japanese) was published by Kogakusha, Tokyo, Japan in August.

2. H. Kozima, Science of Cold Fusion (tentative title) will be published by Elsevier, London.

3. ICCF12 was held in Yokohama on November-December, 2005.

SDJCF7will be held in Kagoshima, Japan on the end of April, 2006.


No. 62 (2005. 8. 10)

1. J. New Energy Vol.7, No.1 was published.

2. H. Kozima, J. Warner and C. Salas Cano and J. Dash, gTNCF Model Explanation of Cold Fusion Phenomenon in Surface layers of Cathodes in Electrolytic Experimentsh J. New Energy 7-1, 64 – 78 (2003) was printed finally.

3. H. Kozima, gScience of the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh (in Japanese) is going to be published this month.


No. 61 (2005. 5. 20)

1.     gThe Cold Fusion Phenomenon and a Complexity (1) – Complexity in the Cold Fusion Phenomenon –g Proc. JCF6 (April 27 – 28, 2005, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan) (to be published)

2.     H. Kozima, gCold Fusion Phenomenonh Rep. Fac. Science, Shizuoka Univ. 39, 1-69 (2005) was published.

3.     JCF6 (April 27 – 28, 2005, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan) was held successfully.


No. 60 (2005. 2. 20)

1.     gCold Fusion Phenomenon and Solid State-Nuclear Physicsh Proc. ICCF11 (Oct. 31 Nov. 5, 2004, Marseille, France) (to be published)

2.     gNatureh reports DOE Report 2004

3.     Proc. ICCF10 may be published in summer

4.     On CFRL News No.60


No. 59 (2004. 12. 10)

1.     ICCF11was held in Marseille, France

2.     H. Kozima, hCold Fusion Phenomenon and Solid State-Nuclear Physicshwas presented at ICCF11

3.     gDOE Report on the Cold Fusion Phenomenon - 2004h was issued on December 1, 2004


No. 58 (2004. 10. 20)

1.     H. Kozima, gCold Fusion Phenomenon and Solid State-Nuclear Physicsh will be presented at ICCF11.

2. Cold Fusion PhenomenoniCFPj and Fleischmannfs Hypothesis

3. S. B. Krivit@and N. Winocur, gThe Rebirth of  Cold Fusion Real Science, Real Hope, Real Energyh was published.


No. 57 (2004. 7. 1)

1. A Paper gQuantum Physics of the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh (H. Kozima, Portland State University) was publishedB

2. Symposium hCondensed Matter Nuclear Science and Innovative Thermal and Electric Energy Technologyh will be held

3. ICCF11 News Renewed


No. 56 (2004. 4. 1)

1. Two papers were published in Reports of CFRL.

2. gThe Cold Fusion Reporth by S.B. Krivit and N.Winocur was published.

3. U.S. Department of Energy Will Review 15-Years of "Cold Fusion" Excess Heat and Nuclear Evidence ---- A Letter from New Energy Foundation, Inc


No. 55 (2004. 3. 20)

1. Three papers were published in Reports of CFRL.

2. ICCF11 will be held October 31-Nov. 5 in Marseilles, France.


No. 54 (2004. 3. 10)

1. Reports of Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (Reports of CFRL) was started.

2. The Fifth ASTI Workshop is going to be held in this month.

3DL. Sapogin, gUnitary Quantum Mechanics and New Energy Sourceh (in Russian) was published.

4. hBubble Fusionh was replicated by more accurate experiments.


No. 53 (2004. 1. 10)

1. Louis de Broglie Foundation took up Cold Fusion Phenomenon at its Symposium

2. JCF5 was held in Kobe, Japan

3DInternational Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) is established


No. 52 (2003. 12. 20)

1) ICCF10was held

Q) Contents of gAbstract of ICCF10h


No. 51 (2003. 8. 10)

1) gStability Effect,h a rule in CFP.


No. 50 (2003. 6. 25)

1) Proceedings of ICCF9 was published


3) ICCF10 will be held in Cambridge, MA


No. 49 (2003. 6. 10)

1) Contents of Transactions of ANS Vol. 88 (2003) 2003 ANS Annual Meeting, June 1 –5, 2003, San Diego, CA


No. 48 (2003. 4. 20)

1) Proposal to Establish an International Organization (2) i. News No.33j

2) gReasonable Doubth by Bennett Daviss (New Scientist Vol.177, issue 2388, March 29, 2003, p. 36)

3) Program of 2003 ANS Annual Meeting, June 1 –5, 2003, San Diego, CA


No. 47 (2003. 3. 10)

1) Hideo Kozima gNew Neutron State in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Cold Fusion Phenomenon.h (to be presented at ANS Annual Meeting, June 2003)

2) Proceedings of JCF4 (Oct. 17-18, 2002, Morioka, Japan) published and posted.


No. 46 (2003. 1. 15)

1) Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Beam-Solid Interaction

2) gNon-Thermonuclear Fusionh Meeting in Tokyo (Jan. 31, 2003)

3) Abstracts of a paper by H. Ikegami and R. Pettersson, gEvidence of Enhanced Nonthermal Nuclear Fusionh Bulletin of Institute of Chemistry, Uppsala University, September 2002.


No. 45 (2002. 12. 20)

1) Proceedings of ICENES 2002 was published

2) Program of TESMI Meeting (Italian CF Meeting)


No. 44 (2002. 11. 20)

1) ANS Conference (June 1 – 5, 2003, San Diego) will have Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Session (Call for papers)

2) Following Paper is published in JJAP. R.A. Oriani and J.C. Fisher, "Generation of Nuclear Trucks during Electrolysis

3) Program of the RCCNTCE10 (The 10th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutations of Chemical Elements and Ball-Lightening)

September 29 - October 6, 2002, Dagomys, Sochi


No. 43 (2002. 11. 15)

1) Report on the INE 2002 Symposium by Hal Fox.


No. 42 (2002. 11. 10)

1) Italian Conference on Cold Fusion will be held in December (Call for papers).

2) Brief Report of JCF4-Morioka (4th Meeting of Japan CF Research Association, October 17-18, 2002, Morioka, Japan)

3) On the Science and Patentability in CF Research


No. 41 (2002. 10. 10)

1) Brief Report of ICENES2002

2) First Announcement of ICCF10

3) gThe Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Its Application to Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Remediationh presented at ICENES2002


No. 40 (2002. 9. 20)

1) JCF4-Morioka Meeting- Program

2) ENS/ANS Joint Meeting (Topfuel2003) on March 2003 (call for papers)

3) "Energy Technology Data Exchangeh Website

4) gNeutron Drops and Production of Larger Mass-Number Nuclides in Cold Fusion Phenomenon (CFP)h by H. Kozima – A paper to be presented at JCF4


No. 39 (2002. 8. 20)

1) Program of ICENES 2002

2) Our Papers to be Presented at ICENES 2002


No. 38 (2002. 8. 10)

1) INE Symposium 2002 (Call for Papers) & A Paper to be Presented There

2) 4th Meeting of Japan CF Research Society (Call for Papers)

3) gBubble Fusionh Denied

4) Journalism on Cold Fusion Phenomenon


No. 37 (2002. 7. 20)

1) 11th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

2) APS Executive Boardfs Statement on Violation of Physical Principles


No. 36 (2002. 6. 10)

1) ICCF9 was successfully held in Peking.

2) Oral Presentation ghExcited State of Neutrons in a Nucleus and Cold Fusion Phenomenon in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Deuteridesh at ICCF9

3) Course Evaluation of gSolid State-Nuclear Physicsh (2)


No. 35 (2002. 5. 10)

1) Navy Laboratory Technical Report No.1862 gThermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System,h by S. Szpak and P.A. Mosier-Boss,

2) 9th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elements (September/October, 2001)


No. 34 (2002. 4. 10)

1) Lecture Note gSolid State-Nuclear Physicsh (3) – Interaction between gTrapped Neutronsh and a Nucleus –

2) CFRL Model, Kindly Advertised but with Obsolete Catchphrases

3) Cold Fusion Session in APS March Meeting at Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


No. 33 (2002. 3. 10)

1) Lecture Note gSolid State-Nuclear Physicsh (2)

 – Evolution of the TNCF Model –

2) Proposal of International Organization

3) Raison dfEtre of CFRL Website and News

4) Sonofusion was detected at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


No. 32 (2002. 2. 10)

1) On the Q, 4He, 3He and 3H measurements in Experiments with gArata Cellh.

2) T. Chubb, gLetter to the Editor on papers by Clarke and by Clarke and Oliver and othersh.


No. 31 (2002. 1. 10)

1) Lecture Note gSolid State-Nuclear Physicsh (1)

2) On the Experiments with the gArata Cellh


No. 30 (2001. 12. 10)

1) First Observation of the Nuclear Reaction in Surface Layers and Nuclear Transmutation in CFP

2) ICCF9 Website Innovated


No. 2X (2001. 11. 10)

1) Lecture of Cold Fusion Science in Winter Term at PSU

2) Reading hThe Making of the Atomic Bombh by Richard Rhodes (Q),

        Development of Neutron Physics – Effect of Application on Science

3) INE Symposium 2001, Report (1)


No. 28 (2001. 10. 10)

1) Abstract of a paper gCold Fusion Phenomenon and Atomic Processes in Transition-metal Hydrides and Deuteridesh by H. Kozima to be presented at IEN Symposium 2001

2) On the new editorial principle of Fusion Science and Technology

3) Website for Programs and Abstracts of Papers presented at JCF3

4) US Patent 6,248,221 gElectrolysis apparatus and electrodes and electrode material thereforeh by R.R. Davis et al.


No. 2V (2001. 8. 10)

1) New Paper published in Fusion Science and Technology

2) T. Chubb, Report of DOE Public Meeting, Washington D.C. June 26, 2001

3) INE Symposium October 26-27, 2001, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Announcement

4) RCCNT-9 September 30 – October 7, 2001. Dagomys, Sochi, Russia


No. 26 (2001. 7. 10)

1) gPossible Explanation of 4He Production in a Pd/D2 System by the TNCF

Modelh will be published in Fusion Science and Technology,

2) On the gNi-H Systemh by E.G. Campari et al. Proc. ICCF8  p.69 (2001),

3) On the Cold Fusion Research by Robert E. Smith

4) JCF3 Announcement


No. 25 (2001. 6. 10)

1) Rolison and W.E. OfGrady, gObservation of Elemental Anomalies at the Surface of Palladium after Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium and Hydrogenh Analytical Chemistry   63, 1696-1701 (1991)

2) McKubre et al. Proc. ICCF8 p.3 gThe Emergence of a Coherent Explanation for anomalies Observed in D/Pd and H/Pd Systems: Evidence for 4He and 3He Productionh

3) First Announcement for ICCF9 (Beijing, May 2002).


No. 24 (2001. 5. 10)

1)      Reading hThe Making of the Atomic Bombh by Richard Rhodes (1),

        Discovery of the Neutron – Importance of Expectation

2)      A paper by M.H. Miles et al. published in the Report of Naval Research Laboratory,

3)      WN reacts to the paper by M.H. Miles et al.,

4)      A paper (1991) by D.R. Rolison and W.E. OfGrady,

(In the following sentences, emphases are given at citation.)


No. 23 (2001. 4. 10)

1) Proceedings of ICCF8 was published,

2)      Report of APS March Meeting at Seattle, and

3) On the Neutron Bands below Zero.

4) Supplement on the gReport of APS March Meetingh


No. 22 (2001. 3. 10)

1)      Abstracts of two papers in the process of acceptance for publication in Fusion Technology;

H. Kozima, gNeutron Bands in Metal Hydrides --- Effects of Occluded Hydrogen on Nuclear Reactions in Solidsh and

H. Kozima et al., gReality of ethe Super-nuclear Interactionf in Metal Hydrides and Deuterides --- Verification by Numerical Calculations for PdH (D).h

2)      On a paper where discussed impossibility of d-d fusion reaction,

3)      Program of Cold Fusion Session at APS March Meeting in Seattle.

4)      WN on APS Meeting.


No. 21 (2001. 2. 10)

1)      Possible Explanation of ^{4}He Production in Pd/D_{2} System by TNCF Model (Fusion Technol. Vol. 40, July, 2001),

2)      Analysis of Zn and Excess Heat Generation in Pd/H_{2} (D_{2}) System by TNCF Model (J. New Energy, 5, No. 3, 2001),

3)      On the Book Review on my book gDiscovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh by G. Mallove

4)      Quantum Mechanics and the Medawar Zone (H. Kozima)

5)      G. Mallovefs, gBook Reviewh on the gDiscoveryh

No. 20 (January 10, 2001)

1)      On the Diffusion of Hydrogen Isotopes in Transition-Metal Hydrides.

2)      More Details on RCCNT8 held in Sochi, Russia.

No. 19 (December 10, 2000)

1)      A new paper published in J. New Energy Vol. 5 (2000),

2)      On the gCoulomb latticeh of neutron and proton clusters,

3)      G. Mileyfs Comments in Fusion Technology Vol. 38 (2000).

No. 18 (November 10, 2000)

1)      A new paper has been submitted to Fusion Technology.

2)      JCF2 was held in Sapporo, Japan.

3)      RCCNT8 was held in Sochi, Russia.

No.17 (October 10, 2000)

1)      A new paper has been submitted to Fusion Technology and its content is explained.

2)      I will give a lecture hThermal Neutrons and Their Influences on Nuclear Reactions in Solidsh at Wednesday Seminar of Physics in PSU,

3)      E. Storms has written a Review on CF in Infinite Energy No. 32 (2000) including critiques on TNCF model,

4)      Some topics about CF Session in ANS,

5)      Recent works done by J. Dash and his collaborators.

No.16 (September 10, 2000)

1)      ICCF8 Reporti4j (Details 3)  

2)      F. Scaramuzzifs conclusion of the Conference, and

3)      H. Kozimafs conclusion of the Conference.

No.15 (August 10, 2000)

1) My paper hElectroanalytical Chemistry in the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh will be published soon in a book 'Recent Research Developments in Electroanalytical Chemistry' published by Transworld Research Network Inc., Trivandrum, India. The abstract of this paper is printed in this News.

2) ICCF8 Report No.3 (Details 2). Interesting experimental data with my comments on them are given.

No.14 (July 10, 2000)

1)      ICCF8 Report No.2 (Details 1).

2)      Abstract of a paper appeared in Int. J. Hydrogen Energy.

3)      Announcement of JCF2 (to be held in October 2000), and

4)      An Essay by Prof. M. Enyo of Hokkaido University.

No.13 (June 10, 2000)

1)      Report of ICCF8 (1), Brief Report

Abstracts of our papers presented at ICCF8 (for readers not attended it).

No.12 (May 10, 2000)

1)      From Program of ICCF8,

2)      On the neutron affinity of a nucleus,

3)      Evolution of a Model

No.11 (April 10, 2000)

1)      Three papers appeared in Intern J. Hydrogen Energy,

2)      Three papers to be presented at ICCF8,

3)      On a review article hElectroanalytical Chemistry in the Cold Fusion Phenomenonh,

4)      On the Missing Factor (2).

No.10 (March 10, 2000)

1)      H. Kozima and K. Kaki, gAnomalous Nuclear Reactions in Solids Revealed by CF Experimentsh Rep. Fac. Science, Shizuoka Univ.34, 1 (2000) (Summary)

2)      About a paper by J.OfM. Bockris appeared in J. New Energy,

3)      About MITI Project to Treat High-Level Radioactive Waste,

4)      Our three papers appeared in Intern. J. Hydrogen Energy,

5)      About Tsvetkovfs patent,

6)      On the Missing Factor.

No.9 (February 10, 2000)

1)      Abstract of my paper to be published in Fusion Technol.,

2)      The paper to be published in Il Nuovo Cimento and the Editorial Principle of EPJ,

3)      About CF Session of APS Meeting on March, 2000,

4)      On Magnetic Trapping of Neutrons appeared in Nature,

5)      On Science (an essay).

No.8 (January 10, 2000)

1)      Our paper submitted to Intern. J. Hydrogen Energy has been accepted,

2)      Opening of CFRL-Homepage,

3)      Fate of Mileyfs proposal to NERI of DOE, and

4)      On the theory of CF phenomenon.

No.7 (December 10, 1999)

1)      Synopsis of a paper to be published in Il Nuovo Cimento,

2)      Refereefs comment on the above paper,

3)      About a paper on the biotransmutation submitted to Radiological Science (in Japanese),

4)      Six papers submitted to ICCF8,

5)      Ambient neutrons measured in Japan,

6)      About gHikosaka modelh of nuclear shell structure (1935).

No.6 (November 10, 1999)

1)      Summary of our paper published in Fusion Technol.,

2)      Introduction to our paper to be published in Rep. Fac. Science, Shizuoka Univ. Vol. 45 (2000),

3)      About our paper sent to Il Nuovo Cimento,

4)      Our three papers to be published in IJHE,

5)      My article appeared in Radiological Sciences,

6)      Introduction to a paper by J.OfM. Bockris where is described about the TNCF model (Infinite Energy),

7)      Aftereffect of Mileyfs award in NERI Project of DOE.

No.T (October 10, 1999)

1)      G.H. Mileyfs plan accepted by NERI (Nuclear Energy Research Initiative) Project of DOE, USA advance noticed in the previous issue.

2)      An article about Fleischmann and Pons in the Journal Time gThe Centuryfs Greatest Minds 100h.@4th issue. 

3)      A review article H. Kozima, gCold Fusion Research Todayh (in Japanese) appeared in Radiological Sciences , 

4)      About RCCNT7.

No.4 (September 10, 1999)

1) A new paper is submitted to International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IJHE),

2) A paper is accepted for publication by the same Journal,

3) Proofreading of a paper to be published in Fusion Technol. 36, No.3 (1999),

4) A paper is accepted for publication by the same Journal,

5) About attendance to RCCNT7,

6) A review article to be published in Radiological Sciences (in Japanese).

No.3 (August 10, 1999)

1) About my recent paper submitted to Fusion Technol.,

2) An essay by J.OfM. Bockris written for the 2nd edition of my book gDiscoveryh,

3) A Russian patent for the work by S. Tsvetkov,

4) Two papers accepted by Intern. J. Hydrogen Energy,

5) About a paper appeared in Proc. RCCFNT5.

No.2 (July 10, 1999)

1) On the analysis of the data by Bockris et al. obtained in from 1989 to 1995,

2) Schedule of ICCF8,

3) On exotic nucleus and a possibility of Neutron Cluster formation,

4) Our paper to be published in Fusion Technology

5) About experimental data by L.C. Case.

No.1 (June 10, 1999)

1) An article from net circle gVortexh by Dr. R. Murray,

2) On the experiment by L. Case,

3) Introduction of my TNCF model by Dr. J.OfM. Bockris at SSE Conference. .