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Guidance to CFRL Website (English/Japanese)

1. Kozima's Cold Fusion Research Laboratory (English/Japanese)

2. CFRL News (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory News) (English/Japanese)

3. Publication List

4. Books (English/Japanese)

5. Papers (English/Japanese)

6. Facts, Truth and Essays in the Cold Fusion Phenomenon (English/Japanese)

7. Cold Fusion Community

8. Science and Physics (English/Japanese)

9. "Sizen, Shakai, Kagaku & Watashino Butsurigaku" Nature, Society, Science and My Physics (in Japanese)

Dr. Hideo Kozima
(Tel/Fax: +81-54-277-2376)

(Revised on January 29, 2009
Main revisions are in Section(s) 5 and 7)

More pages are posted on the following website of the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory - The Geocities Site -: