Dr. Will Parnell

Associate Professor: Master's in Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood Education Specialization
Pedagogical Director of PSU Helen Gordon Center



This is me, Will Parnell, with a dear friend in Reggio Emilia and some other pictures from our journey. We loved seeing the children's schools and spending time eating gelato and other wonderful meals. The Italians are always so generous and open. We felt welcomed! Scroll your mouse over the pictures...













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This is the Helen Gordon Child Development Center back playgournd.
Sometimes I work over there and I teach most of the ECE courses in this building.

The university and students on our campus care enough to spend an incredible amount of attention on our children's school. The Helen Gordon Child Development Center is located in downtown portland in both an historic building, built in 1928 for children's schooling, and now in a well-designed, beautiful addition. The modern amenities make this workspace unique. I wouldn't want to be anyplace else working with children, families, staff, and university students.

Along with my Associate Professor role coordinating Master's programs, teaching, authoring books and writing research articles, I am the Pedagogical Director of the campus children's schools. I work with Curriculum and Instruction colleagues to support teachers studying early childhood education and research and co-lead pre-service teachers in our GTEP program. I work with many different educational programs: Graduate School of Education , Curriculum and Instruction , & Early Childhood Education .

All ECE Courselist for 2012-13

Courses I Teach (look under Curriculum and Instruction for ECE):
Note: Sample old syllabi are not to be used in planning for upcoming courses
(i.e.: don't purchase these books or prepare assignments
based on these syllabi)

Fall Term 2007:
CI 573 Assessment and Technology in ECE (sample old Syllabus) Monday 4-6:30pm at Helen Gordon Center

Spring Term 2008:
CI 477/577 Learning Designs in ECE: Environments (Sample old Syllabus) Monday 4-6:30pm at Helen Gordon Center .

Summer Term 2011:
CI 410/510 Documenting Young Children's Learning: Tools and Strategies (Sample old Syllabus) 1-week intensive M-Th

Scholarly Papers and Work:

Selected Refereed Publications:


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Book Chapters

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Other Selected Scholarly Work

The 100 is there: Helen Gordon Child Development Center. 2006

A Child of Rights. 2008

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