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Example 1

An example of wiki code improvement:

How it looked before… How it looks after…
Code before… Code after…
''Code Text'
''Code Text''
//1. Focal length
  - Focal length
^1/d_o + ^1/d_i = ^1/f
    * $\frac{1}{d_o} + \frac{1}{d_i} = \frac{1}{f}$
f=[^1/5m+^1/.08m]^-1=7.8 cm
    * $f= \left[\frac{1}{5\,{\text m}} + 
\frac{1}{0.08\,{\text m}}\right]^{-1}$ = 7.8 cm
//2. Image Size
  - Image Size
h_i = h_o(^-d_i/d_o )
1.7m(^-.08m/-5m ) = 27.2mm
    * $h_i = h_o\left(\frac{-d_i}{d_o}\right)$ 
$=1.7\,{\text m}
\left(\frac{-0.08\,{\text m}}{-5\,{\text m}}\right)$
 = 27.2 mm
//3. A positive number = an upright orientation
  - A **positive** number means an **upright** orientation


These refer to the Example 1 above

  1. Symbols like two quotes ''...'', two dashes //...// or two stars **...** come in pairs and belong together, don't break them apart across new lines
  2. To have a list 1. … 2. …. 3…. , have the wiki do it automatically by starting each line with two spaces and a dash:
     - Focal length
  3. To have nested bullet lists, start the next line with 4 spaces and a star:
       * "my nested line"
  4. Put math formulas in-between two $ signs, like this 1):
  5. If there is a long formula, break it up into smaller pieces like this 2):
    $a=b+c$ $=e+d$
  6. In math formulas use the \frac{}{} notation for fractions: a/b should be
    $.... \frac{a}{b}.... $
  7. To make the brackets in formulas automatically larger depending on what is inside of them, use \left and \right:
    $...\left[ \frac{a}{b} \right]...$
    • Both \left and \right commands should be in the same formula, can't break them into different smaller pieces.
  8. When using the exponent in a formula of more than one character (something to the -1 degree), use {} around the exponent:
  9. To have units not be italicized in a formula, use {\text } for one character, and {\text{}} for multi-character unit:
    $2\,{\text m}$ or $2\,{\text{mm}}$
    • To add a little space between the number and a unit in a formula, use \,
    • To add more space, use \;
    • To reduce the existing space, use \!
1) so the wiki knows it's a formula… keep it on one line
2) to improve viewing on smartphones
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