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How to use and edit this Wiki

Signing up

  1. Click on upper-right corner, where it says “Register”
  2. Pick an easy-to-identify user name (e.g., firstname_lastname, or initial_lastname)
    • your user name must be all lower case english letters, no spaces, no apostrophes or dashes!
  3. Set a password that you can remember (enter it twice)
  4. Add an email (preferably your address) that you check, it will be used as the email-to link in your signature
  5. If you can't edit or view some pages that you need to access, please ask the wikimanager (Prof. Kuzma) to update your access permissions

Editing the text, tables

  1. You must log in (click on “Login” in the upper-right corner of the wiki) to be able to edit anything
    • You must sign up (register) to be able to log in (see above)
  2. To edit the whole page, click the pencil icon along the right-hand side edge of the page
  3. To edit a specific section only, click the Edit button near the right-bottom corner of that section
  4. See Dokuwiki documentation for a complete guide to editing
  5. A quick cheat sheet is also available on our wiki
    • green highlighting denotes clickable links to other pages in our wiki
    • blue highlighting denotes clickable links to outside wikis and web pages

Posting images, attachments

  1. Use “Media Manager” link in the upper-right corner of the wiki to upload images and other documents
    1. Please format your images in Photoshop or other software to be less than 700 pixels wide for best results
      • Higher resolutions are available, but use them only when it is absolutely necessary to view the image
    2. *.jpg, *.gif, and *.png formats are best for photos, drawings, and plots respectively
      • Convert other graphics formats (such as *.bmp) to one of the above in your favorite picture-editing software
    3. name your file using lower-case letters and numbers, using _ instead of space
      1. examples:
        1. problem_example_1.png
        2. pendulum_image_50m.jpg
        3. handwritten_notes.gif
      2. avoid any other symbols in file names, such as space, -, +, !, ?, $, %, “, etc…
  2. Non-image formats, such as *.pdf, *.xls, *.docx, etc, will display as links to download the files, and should be avoided
  3. Important: The whole wiki is divided into namespaces (folders), just like a computer hard drive
    1. See the “Media manager” (upper-right corner of the wiki) to get an idea about our namespace structure
    2. In “Media Manager”, under “Choose namespace”, select the folder by opening ”+“ symbols and clicking on the folder
    3. Click on the “Upload” tab even if “Nothing was found” is showing
    4. Click “Select files…” and select your properly named file from your computer. The file name will show up.
    5. To place a file into an existing namespace, just navigate to that namespace under “Choose namespace” and place your file
    6. To place the file in a new (non-existing) subspace(s), add subspace: or subspace1:subspace2: in front of the file name
      1. example: under existing projects namespace, you want to add morning_rainbow.jpg to a new projects:rainbow:photos subspace
        1. navigate to projects, click “Upload” tab
        2. Select “morning_rainbow.jpg” from your hard drive
        3. click in the window where “morning_rainbow.jpg” appears, then
        4. type rainbow:photos: in front of “morning_rainbow.jpg”, so that the file name reads now: rainbow:photos:morning_rainbow.jpg
          • This will create
            1. a new namespace “rainbow” inside “projects” (or keep it unchanged if it already exists)
            2. a new namespace “photos” inside “rainbow”
            3. a new image file “morning_rainbow.jpg” inside “photos”
    7. Remember that deleting and/or re-arranging namespaces is a labor-intensive procedure for the wikimanager
      • please consult Prof. Kuzma first if in doubt
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