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  1. Q: I noticed that the listed homework under “tentative schedule” in the class syllabus does not correspond to the questions labeled as “homework” in the Mastering Physics site. I am also a bit unclear as to whether there is anything besides the Mastering Physics homework going to be collected or due for this class? For the most part however I think I need more clarification on the homework questions which are going to be graded. Does that mean that we have to do the homework in the syllabus tentative schedule and also the Mastering Physics “homework”?
    • A: Your homework is graded only on the problems and questions submitted through the Mastering Physics website that have “points” next to them. All other assignments in Mastering physics are for your information only, and carry no credit.
  2. Q: I am registered for your class this term and I was wondering if you will be using the same grading rubric as Professor Dunlap and Dr Widenhorn have used in the past? I particularly want to know if there will be any extra credit options like a workshop or term paper?
    • A: New additional-credit items this term are the computational project and wiki edit/course improvement credit. See the syllabus for more details
  3. Q: What are the required books for this course?
    • A: The book is the same as last year, it is strongly recommended, but not actually required:
      James Walker, 4th edition.
      Just make sure the volume you have contains chapters 13, 14, and 25 through 30.
      Here is the information for one version that will work:
      Author: J.S. Walker
      Title: Mastering Physics
      Edition: 4th ed. 2009
      ISBN: 9780558396091
      Publisher: Pearson Education
      Format: paperback
  4. Q: I am trying to add this course but the system says I do not meet the course pre-requisites. I have taken equivalent courses elsewhere, though. What should I do?
    • A: Please come to the Physics Department Office Science Research & Teaching Center, Room 134 to fill out a form that will allow you to register without formal PSU prerequisites. Call 503-725-3812 ahead of time to make sure somebody is there to help you. Then email me to make an appointment if you need my signature. — Nicholas Kuzma 2015/03/28 20:19
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