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Past Announcements

This is the overflow page for past announcements

Exam solutions posted

  • I added solutions to both exams to D2L under “Current exam solutions”. Please download for your reference.

Prof. Nicholas Kuzma 2015/05/23 23:10

Grading calculator

  • I emailed the grading template used for the 1st and 2nd term to the class. (Courtesy Dr. Dunlap)
    • submitted the grading template though D2L
  • All calculations are accurate according to the weighted tests and 20% for HW calculated 100% for 80%…
  • The only difference would be that for the quizzes… just enter the extra credit as the whole value in the (WORKSHOP) category leave all the quizzes blank.
  • Make sure that when entering grades you put the highest test score as “test 3” and the next highest as “test 2”


Courtesy survey about tuition

This is not the “6th quiz” survey… Responding to it will not affect your gradesProf. Nicholas Kuzma

Dear Physics 203 class,

We are four senior Sociology students currently enrolled in a Social Research Project class (SOC 398). We have designed a survey about student reactions to the recent tuition increase, and are hoping to get a wide sample of participants.

We are aiming for 300 completed surveys, so any participants would be much appreciated.

The survey is taken online through Qualtrics – no account is needed, and information will not be traced back to individual students. The survey should only take 10 or less minutes to complete, and can be stopped at any time.

Link to survey:

Thank you!

  • Rachael Anderson
  • Jawan Mullen
  • Karleen Tromblay
  • Lu Whipps

Grades posted!

  • The most current grades are added to D2L:
    • Quiz 2
    • Exam 1
    • Wiki edits & course improvement as of 4/27/2015 11pm
  • Please check your grades and email Prof. Kuzma if you find any inconsistencies
  • You can review your graded exams in class this week:
    • If you have no questions or concerns, you can take your exam booklet home.
    • However, you can only appeal your exam grades in class on the same day you picked up your exam.

Prof. Nicholas Kuzma 2015/04/28 00:28

Exam 1 review is available

Please check out Exam 1 review on the left sidebar under “Earlier material”. I strongly recommend that you attempt this exam on your own before showing up at our review on Thursday. Be prepared to ask lots of questions!
Prof. Nicholas Kuzma 2015/04/11 23:12

Class calendar is now available

Please check out our new calendar page (under the syllabus on the left sidebar)
Prof. Nicholas Kuzma 2015/04/05 11:13

Almost ready for Mar 31

  • While I am putting finishing touches on this wiki and the D2L site,
    • please take a moment to look through the syllabus (also located on the sidebar to the left)
    • those who chose the exams+homework track, please register at mastering physics for your homework submission system
      • Course ID: PH203KUZMASPRING2015
  • Those of you who wish to receive additional credit for editing this wiki, please register by clicking at the upper right corner
    • Please select a recognizable and unique username (so I can easily figure out whom to give extra credit!)
      • Firstname_Lastname or Firstname_MI_Lastname is preferred, or you can use your username
  • Welcome to Physics 203! — Prof. Nicholas Kuzma 2015/03/27 22:50
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