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   * [....] E) 1.5 m   * [....] E) 1.5 m
-<color green>​Use the Single-Slit Dark Fringe Diffraction ​equation: ​Wsin(theta)=m(lambdato find angle at which light bends. ​Θ=arcsin(mλ/W). Then plug in Θ into the linear distance equation ​(L=tanΘ*Y) to solve for the screen to slit distance, L. </​color>​+  - <color green>​Use the single-slit diffraction ​equation ​for dark fringes</​color>​ 
 +    * <color green>​$W\sin(\theta)=m\lambdato find the angle at which the light bends. ​</​color>​ 
 +    * <color green>​Second dark fringe means $m=2$. </​color>​ 
 +    * <color green>​Therefore $\theta=\arcsin\big(\!\frac{2\lambda}{W}\!\big)$</​color>​ 
 +  - <color green>Then plug in $\theta$ ​into the linear distance equation ​</​color>​ 
 +    * <color green>$y=L\tan\theta\;​$, ​to solve for the screen to slit distance, ​//L//</​color>​ 
 +  - <color green>​The final formula is </​color>​ 
 +    * <color green>​$L=\frac{y}{\tan\left[\arcsin\big(\!\frac{2\lambda}{W}\!\big)\right]}$</​color>​
 ---- ----
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