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===Quick links=== ==This wiki== * [[start|Main classwiki page]] * [[CLASS INFORMATION|Class Info]] * {{:Kuzma_Syllab_Spr2014_v4.pdf|Syllabus}} * [[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS|FAQ]] * [[CLASS MATERIALS|Class materials]] * [[PHYSICS LABORATORY|Labs]] * [[|Schedule]] * [[PHYSICS WORKSHOP|Workshop]] * {{:workshops:ph299_syllabus_14sp.pdf|W/S syllabus}} * [[Computational Projects|Projects]] * [[White noise project|White noise]] * [[Rainbow project|Rainbow]] * [[Digital sound project|Digital sound]] * [[Announcements]] ==Earlier material== * [[Chapter 13]] * [[Chapter 14]] * [[Exam 1 review]] * [[Chapter 25]] * [[Chapter 26]] * [[Chapter 27]] * [[Exam 2 review]] * [[Final exam review]] ==Previous wikis== * [[|Ph202 - 2014]] ==Other learning tools== * [[|University D2L site]] * [[|Text & homework]] \\ <sub><color magenta>PH203KUZMASPRING2014</color></sub> ==Knowledge & computation== * [[|Wolfram]] $\alpha$ * [[wp>Physics_portal|Wikipedia]] * [[|Physical constants]] * [[| The Physics Hypertextbook]] * [[| HyperPhysics]] ==Add more by editing:== * [[sidebar|This sidebar]] * [[Tasks to do]] ==Help for editors== * [[doku>wiki:syntax|Help on wiki codes]] * [[|Help on wiki math]] * [[Tips on editing]] =="Sandboxes" for practice== * [[Draft page|Practice here]] * [[Draft page 2|Or here if locked-out]]

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=====Past Announcements===== ====Grades updated, exams posted==== * I just updated the grades on Quiz2, Exam1 (those of you who had questions about grading), and Wiki edits as of May 10<sup>th</sup>, ~2pm. Please check on * Practice exams are posted on this wiki (sidebar on the left, under [[Exam 2 review]]) and on under "Practice exams". Please go over the problems to prepare for the upcoming midterm. --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/05/10 14:06// ====Exam 1, HW1 grades==== Grades for the first midterm (Exam 1), as well as the first homework (Ch. 13, 14, 25.1-25.4) have been posted on [[|D2L]]. The wiki-editing/course improvement credits have been updated as well (as of the 1<sup>st</sup> exam's date). This week, I'll give out your exams in the beginning of each class. If you have any concerns about grading, you must raise them during the lecture break on the same day that you receive your exam. --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/28 23:12// ====Exam 1 Solutions==== Solutions to the first midterm exam have been posted on [[|D2L]] under "Current exam solutions" \\ --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/25 14:33// ====Practice exam posted==== * Practice exam for Midterm 1 is posted on the [[sidebar]] under [[Exam 1 review]] * <color red>Please review before tomorrow's (Apr 17) lecture!\\ </color> --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/16 17:37// ====Updated syllabus==== Please take a look at the updated {{:kuzma_syllab_spr2014_v4.pdf|syllabus}}. The project is now a separate option from the paper and the workshop, so it can be taken in addition to one of those two. The total additional credit, though, will be capped at 15 points. --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/14 14:56// ====Updated lecture notes==== * Another correction in {{:notes:notes05cor3.pdf|}}: In the example 3.2, a threshold of pain for the sound ($1\frac{\text W}{\,{\text m}^2}$) was used by mistake instead of the threshold of pain for the light ($\approx 1\frac{\text W}{\,{\text m}^2}$). Please make a note of it! --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/21 10:37// * In the version of Example 2.8 (Ch. 14) given in the class notes, there was an error: instead of the speed of sound in the body (1500 m/s) a speed of sound in air (343 m/s) was used. This is now correct in the wiki Example, and the twice-corrected notes have been issued: * Some errors were fixed (in <color blue>blue type</color>) in lecture notes #4. Please download the <color red>second</color> updated version {{:notes:notes04cor2.pdf|}}. --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/14 15:23// * Labels "400 nm" and "800 nm" were switched around on page 3 of lecture notes #5. Please download the <color red>second</color> updated version {{:notes:notes05cor3.pdf|}}. --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/15 17:31// ====Start of term survey=== Here is the link to the start of term survey: * You can choose either this survey or a similar end-of-term survey for your additional credit quiz score, but I will really appreciate if you can find time to do both. \\ --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/03 21:27// ====Homework solutions==== A sampler of homework solutions has been added to [[|D2L]].\\ --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/04/02 16:40// ====Almost ready for Apr 1!==== * While I am putting finishing touches on this wiki and the D2L site, * please take a moment to look through the updated {{:kuzma_syllab_spr2014_v4.pdf|syllabus}} (also located on the [[sidebar]] to the left) * those who chose the exams+homework track, please register at [[|mastering physics]] for your homework submission system * Those of you who wish to receive additional credit for editing this wiki, please register by clicking at the upper right corner * This wiki is independent from [[|Physics 202 wiki]], but you can set up the same username/password, it will work either way * Welcome back to Physics 203! --- //[[|Nicholas Kuzma]] 2014/03/31 00:44//

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