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Dr. Nicholas Kuzma
Adjunct Professor
Department of Physics

nkuzma @ pdx . edu
Phone: 503-725-8929
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Office: 370 SRTC

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Portland State University
Department of Physics
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

        Past Courses:

  Ph202 General Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, and Thermodynamics
      2014 - Winter
  Ph203 General Physics: Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics
      2014 - Spring
  Ph203 General Physics: Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics
      2015 - Spring

Recent Publications:

  • EEG slow waves in traumatic brain injury: Convergent findings in mouse and man
        Modarres MH; Kuzma NN; Kretzmer T; Pack AI; Lim MM
        Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms 2, 59 (2017).
  • Low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization of gases in Frozen mixtures
        Pourfathi M; Clapp J; Kadlecek S; Keenan CD; Ghosh RK; Kuzma NN; Rizi RR
        Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 76, 1007 (2016).
  • Versatile pulse sequence device to conserve hyperpolarization for NMR and MRI studies
        Ghosh RK; Kuzma NN; Kadlecek S; Rizi RR
        Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75, 1822 (2016).
  • Dietary Therapy Mitigates Persistent Wake Deficits Caused by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
        Lim MM; Elkind J; Xiong G; Galante R; Zhu J; Zhang L; Lian J; Rodin J; Kuzma NN; Pack AI; Cohen AS
        Science Translational Medicine 5, 215ra173 (2013).
  • A variability study of regional alveolar oxygen tension measurement in humans using hyperpolarized 3He MRI
        Hamedani H; Kadlecek SJ; Ishii M; Emami K; Kuzma NN; Xin Y; Rossman M; Rizi RR
        Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70, 1557 (2013).
  • Propagation of dynamic nuclear polarization across the xenon cluster boundaries: Elucidation of the spin-diffusion bottleneck
        Pourfathi M; Kuzma NN; Kara H; Ghosh RK; Shaghaghi H; Kadlecek SJ; Rizi RR
        Journal of Magnetic Resonance 235, 71 (2013).
  • Lineshape-based polarimetry of dynamically-polarized 15N2O in solid-state mixtures
        Kuzma NN; Hakansson P; Pourfathi M; Ghosh RK; Kara H; Kadlecek SJ; Pileio G; Levitt MH; Rizi RR;
        Journal of Magnetic Resonance 234, 90 (2013).
  • Imaging the Interaction of Atelectasis and Overdistension in Surfactant-Depleted Lungs
        Cereda M; Emami K; Xin Y; Kadlecek S; Kuzma NN; Mongkolwisetwara P; Profka H; Pickup S; Ishii M; Kavanagh BP, et al.
        Critical Care Medicine 41, 527 (2013).
  • Metabolism of hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate in the isolated perfused rat lung: an ischemia study
        Pullinger B; Profka H; Ardenkjaer-Larsen JH; Kuzma NN; Kadlecek S; Rizi RR
        NMR in Biomedicine 25, 1113 (2012).
  • Cluster formation restricts dynamic nuclear polarization of xenon in solid mixtures
        Kuzma NN; Pourfathi M; Kara H; Manasseh P; Ghosh RK; Ardenkjaer-Larsen JH; Kadlecek SJ; Rizi RR
        Journal of Chemical Physics 137, 104508 (2012).
  • Determination of the singlet state lifetime of dissolved nitrous oxide from high field relaxation measurements
        Ghosh RK; Kadlecek SJ; Kuzma NN; Rizi RR
        Journal of Chemical Physics 136, 174508 (2012).
  • A multislice single breath-hold scheme for imaging alveolar oxygen tension in humans
        Hamedani H; Kadlecek SJ; Emami K; Kuzma NN; Xu Y; Xin Y; Mongkolwisetwara P; Rajaei J; Barulic A; Miller GW, et al.
        Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67, 1332 (2012).
  • Regional function-structure relationships in lungs of an elastase murine model of emphysema
        Ishii M; Emami K; Xin Y; Barulic A; Kotzer CJ; Logan GA; Chia E; MacDuffie-Woodburn JP; Zhu J; Pickup S; Kuzma N, et al.
        Journal of Applied Physiology 112, 135 (2012).
  • Surfactant Administration and Alveolar Recruitment Decrease Airspace Overdistension in Surfactant-Depleted Rats..."
        Cereda M; Emami K; Xin Y; Mongkolwisetwara P; Profka H; Kadlecek S; Kuzma N; Rizi R
        Critical Care Medicine 39, 42 (2011).
  • Measurements of the persistent singlet state of N2O in blood and other solvents: Potential as a magnetic tracer
        Ghosh RK; Kadlecek SJ; Ardenkjaer-Larsen JH; Pullinger BM; Pileio G; Levitt MH; Kuzma NN; Rizi RR
        Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 66, 1177 (2011).
  • Cryptophane Xenon-129 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Biosensors Targeting Human Carbonic Anhydrase
        Chambers JM; Hill PA; Aaron JA; Han ZH; Christianson DW; Kuzma NN; Dmochowski IJ
        Journal of the American Chemical Society 131, 563 (2009).

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