Dr. Niles Lehman

Professor, Department of Chemistry 
Portland State University
August, 2001 to present

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Molecular Evolution

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 蠔University at Albany, SUNY蠔July, 1997 to July, 2001
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 蠔California State University, Long Beach蠔August, 1995 to June, 1997
Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Biology 蠔University of Oregon蠔May 1993 to June, 1995 (Advisor: Mike Lynch)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Molecular Biology 蠔The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla蠔October, 1990 to April, 1993 (Advisor: Jerry Joyce)
Ph.D. in Biology; University of California, Los Angeles蠔September, 1986 to October, 1990 (Advisors: Chuck Taylor & Bob Wayne)
M.A. in Comparative Biochemistry; University of California, Berkeley蠔August, 1984 to May, 1986 (Advisor: Tom Jukes)
B.S. in Chemistry; University of California, Berkeley蠔June, 1980 to May, 1984 (Advisor: John Hearst)http://www.springer.com/life+sciences/evolutionary+%26+developmental+biology/journal/239shapeimage_1_link_0

ISSOL Meetings

Montpellier, France, 2011