This project describes a model of integrating language preservation techniques with leading-edge technology to develop a web-based on-line tool for heritage language preservation and learning. The model will use the Chinuk Wawa as its data source from which to gather language samples, grammar descriptions, and other resources. These will be integrated into an enhanced version of an existing computer software package for adult ESL classroom research ('ClassAction'). ClassAction can store multi-media language clips which synchronize audio, video and text (illustrating pronunciation, translation, grammar explanations, etc.) and present these in an interactive session using the common Web-interface for access by students, faculty, and affiliated Heritage language communities. I will work with the National Labsite at Portland State University (PSU) to advance an on-line educational software package, which will directly benefit the educational communities, researchers, and Heritage language communities.

Nariyo Kono(PI), Native American Studies Program and Department of Applied Linguistics , Portland State University

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