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Leslie  J. Munson, PH.D

Associate Professor

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After 15 plus years as a speech-language pathologist, Leslie completed her doctorate in the area of early childhood special education with an emphasis in infant development. Her research interests include care-giver-infant interaction, screening and assessment of caregiver and infant behaviors, and a teachers grief related to the death of a student.
Currently, she is developing a tool to assess behaviors of caregivers and infants during play and feeding.  In addition, she is collaborating on the development of a tool to screen and monitor the social-emotional development of infants.

1n 1999, Leslie joined the PSU Special Education faculty. She coordinates the Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) Program as well as teaches courses in EI/ECSE and the Special Educator Program. She is also very involved with the Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Program.
When not working at the university on various projects, Leslie enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking/walking. She has three grown daughters, seven grandchildren who are visitors in her classes, and a cocker spaniel. Her husband is a Professor of Chemistry at Concordia University.

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