GEOG 488/588: Geographic Information Systems I

Fall 2007

CRN: 15201/15202
Lecture: W 17:30-21:10 in 413 Cramer Hall

Labs: (choose 1)

M 18:40-20:30 ch469
T 12:00-13:50 ch469
R 8:00-9:50 ch469

Instructor: Mike Mertens
webpage: http//
Office: 424e Cramer Hall
Office Hours: W 15:00-17:00
Teaching assistant: Wayne Coffey

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Course Description

GEOG 488/588 is an introductory course covering the theory and application of geographic information systems (GIS). The course includes an overview of the general principles of GIS and practical experience in its use. The practical component involves the use of desktop GIS software packages including ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst . Both the theoretical and practical components of the course are important.  Without a theoretical understanding of GIS methods you will make bad geographic modeling decisions and when necessary you will not be able to migrate to a new or different GIS software package.  Without a practical understanding of GIS software your theoretical knowledge cannot be put to use.  We will have an active learning environment, which means that students should be ready to participate and contribute to the class.  Graduate students must also complete a final project in which they investigate a GIS application in depth

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