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Dr. Russell Miars


Russell D. Miars, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Counselor Education Program at PSU and from April 2004-2006 served as the programís director.Previously he was Director of the Counseling & Student Development Center, and Adjunct Associate Professor in clinical psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.His research and scholarly interests include clinical supervision, legal and ethical issues in counseling, life-span human development, and assessment in counseling.An emphasis in all his work is translating theory and research into effective clinical practice.


Dr. Miars is highly regarded as an instructor and clinical supervisor.He brings over 25 years of direct counseling experience and intern clinical supervision to his work in PSUís Counselor Education program.




The University of Iowa

Ph.D., 1981, Counseling Psychology

††††† APA-Approved Program

††††† Minor: Statistics


Kent State University

B.A., 1976, Psychology

††††† summa cum laude

††††† University Honors College





















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Counselor Education Program

How do counselors develop the most potent clinical and professional skills to help a variety of clients?

Dr. Miars addresses these questions through his interests in clinical supervision and the development of ethical professional practice.