Table 9-2.  Life History Patterns of Anadromous Salmonids in the Nehalem River Drainage.
  Adult Spawning Eggs Young Freshwater Young Migrate Time in Time in Adult Weight
Species Return Location in Gravel in Stream Habitat Downstream Estuary Ocean (Average)
WINTER Nov - Jun tributaries, streams Feb- Jul 1-3 years tributaries Mar-Jun(2nd-5th yr) less than 1-4 yrs 5-28 lbs.  (8)
STEELHEAD   and rivers         a month    
COHO Oct-Jan coastal streams, Oct-May 1+ years tributaries, Mar-Jul (2nd year) few days 2 years 5-20 lbs.  (8)
shallow tributaries mainstem,
          slack water        
CHUM Sept-Jan coastal rivers and Sept-Mar days-weeks little time in shortly after 4-14 days 2.5-3 years 8-12 lbs. (10)
streams, lower fresh water leaving gravel
CHINOOK   mainstem large     mainstem large   days-months 2-5 years  
and small rivers and small rivers
   --Summer May-July Sep-Nov 1+ years spring (2nd year) 10-30 lbs. (14)
   --Fall Aug-Mar   Sep-Mar 3-7 months   Apr-Jun(2nd year)     10-40 lbs.
SEA-RUN Jul-Dec tiny tributaries of Dec-Jul 1-3 years tributaries Mar-Jun less than 0.5-1 year 0.5-4 lbs. (1)
CUTTHROAT coastal streams (2 is average) (2nd -4th year) a month