Table 9-1.  Status and Recent Population Trends of Nehalem Basin Anadromous Salmonids
Species Status Population
Winter Steelhead little hatchery influence, stable or increasing
  one of Oregon's healthiest  
  populations on the Salmonberry  
  ESA Listing:  Candidate for  
  Oregon Coast  
Coho salmon not present or severely depressed declining
  in lower mainstem, depressed  
  wild coho in mid and upper reaches,  
  heavily influenced by hatchery fish  
  ESA Listing:  Threatened  
  High conservation significance  
  due to worse conditions in basins  
  to the north and south  
Chum salmon possible heavy predation by hatchery possibly declining
  coho, low recovery rates since the  
  1950's, poor ocean productivity  
  conditions may be contributing  
  ESA Listing:  Not warranted at this  
              Summer very depressed, spawning habitat probably declining
  limited to Humbug Creek and Rock  
              Fall healthy stocks in large tributaries declining
  of lower basin, population increased  
  between 1950's and 1985, gradual  
  decline since 1985, little hatchery  
  ESA Listing:  Not warranted at this  
Sea-run cutthroat trout data lacking, but widespread decline declining
  is evident  
  ESA Listing:  Proposed threatened  
  listing, final decision expected  
  April, 2000