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The EXITO Enrichment Program is designed to enhance and enrich your overall learning as an emerging scholar and professional in the sciences. These workshops are designed to create a space and place to deeply critically reflect upon your experiences and differences as a scholar. Here you will be able to facilitate and engage in meaningful discussions with your peers on topic areas that are important and essential for your professional development and success in your career. Here you will be able to facilitate productive meaningful discussions surrounding your professional and personal identity, share resources, build a network, shape a professional development and career plan, and establish a professional identity.

University Studies Capstone Fall 2017: Empowering and Advancing Women and Underrepresented Students in STEM

This capstone will focus on building skills in effective communication, negotiation, leadership, networking, mentoring, and professional development (leading focus groups and interviewing). These are skills traditionally not learned in a classroom and are essential to advancing successful STEM careers. Capstone students will work in teams to design, implement, and evaluate a 1-day workshop to coach and transfer these essential STEM career preparation skills to high school students in the Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering program” (ASE).

Course Developer CHEM+BIO CURE

Portland State Metro STEM Center

1.    Connect2Science Workshop: Energy

2.    Connect2Science Workshop: Energy and Matter

3.    Connect2Science Workshop: Physical Sciences

o    3-dimensional learning and practices in the Next Generation Science Standards

o    Practices in culturally relevant pedagogy

o    Prepared demonstrations to explain core disciplinary content

o    demonstration of science and engineering practices

General Chemistry Lectures 221 Fall 2009

General Chemistry Lectures 223 spring 2010

General Chemistry Lectures 221, 222, and 223 summer 2010


Chemistry courses taken at texas A and M university

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Organometallic Chemistry

Group Theory

Kinetics and Mechanisms

Physical Methods

Structure and Bonding

Special Studies in X-ray Crystallography

Seminar Preparation

Frontiers in Chemical Research

Ethics in Research and Scholarship

Methods in Teaching Chemistry Laboratory



courses taught at texas a and m university

Teaching Assistant: Advanced Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory

Teaching Assistant: Organometallic Chemistry Lecture

General Chemistry laboratory