We partner with the center for science education at Portland State University in workshops that focus on delivering science content in the physical sciences to meet the common core requirements of the Oregon Science Standards.  This includes extending physical science topics such as: force and motion, matter (solids, liquids, atoms, chemical changes..), and chemical reactions.  Participants experience content embedded in inquiry and engineering design activities to better understand the physical sciences.  Teachers in this workshop model concrete representations of abstract or ‘invisible” concepts from K1-K12.  We work side by side with the teachers to help improve their content knowledge and develop in class activities to deliver complex content knowledge to their students. 

The goal of this partnership is to:

1.    Help teachers be effective in the classroom so that their students are engaged and successful in the STEM majors and careers

2.    Improve instructional practices and pedagogy in the classrooms

3.    Lead by example in engaging the student’s curiosity in the science and engineering.

Here are some highlights from the classroom.


                  Mystery Powder Analysis

Having fun with a Gauss Rifle!




Marketing a Engineered Green Water Filtration System



Scientist are wizards! Sometimes communicating science to kids can be challenging as we are prone to speaking a language unfamiliar to them.  But if we release our inner child we are capable of creating wonderful magic in the eyes of kids while skillfully explaining the science behind the experiment.  Every now and then I pack up my lab and with my traveling band wagon of student researchers venture into the minds of children.

Our goal is to:

1.    Inspire and engage students scientific curiosity in various communities

2.    Demonstrate that science is fun and can be learned

3.    Support students aspiration in STEM discipline

4.    Communicate the science to the general public