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Hello, my name is Antonia Levi. I am a professor of Popular Culture at Portland State University. I am running this survey with Catherine Pfeifer, a Communications Professor at Bradley University and Jane Thompson, a lecturer at Mount Mary College. We are conducting a survey on the readers and writers of fan fiction (called “fanfics” in this survey). Do you fall into this category? If you do, we would appreciate it if you would fill out this survey and return it to us. Before we start, we want to assure you that ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU SHARE WITH US IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The reasons that we ask for your name and a way to contact you is for possible follow up questions if we find interesting or unexpected trends and to ensure that each person is represented only once. Your opinions are important and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer some questions. We are not selling anything - especially not your information!

NameorPseudonym. Name or Pseudonym

Email. E-mail Address

1a. Do you read fanfics?

1b. On average, how many hours per week do you devote to reading fanfics?
2a. Do you write fanfics?

2b. On average, how many hours per week do you devote to writing fanfics?

(If you answered "0" to questions 1b and 2b, then THANK YOU, PLEASE RETURN THIS SURVEY UNTOUCHED. We really are only looking for highly active fanfic readers and writers.)

3. Please list your top ten (fewer is OK, but not more) fandoms, e.g. TV shows, anime series, books, movies, actors, writers, etc.

4. In your own words, please describe why you read fanfics?

5. In your own words, please describe why you write fanfics?

6. Thinking about your fanfic reading in the last two years, has it:

7. I read fanfics: (Check all that apply)

8. I write fanfics: (Check all that apply)

9. I enjoy: (Circle all that apply)

10. Where do you usually find fanfics to read?

11. I select fanfics to read based on: (Check all that apply)

12. When you wanted to find completely new fanfics to read, how would you look for it?
Rating. Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 through 5. Selecting a low number means a strong negative response and selecting a high number means a strong positive response.
Strong Negative Response Strong positive response
1 2 3 4 5
13. I spend as little time as possible searching for fanfics to read.
14. Plot is important in a fanfic.
15. Conversation is important in a fanfic.
16. I like fanfics that reflect the internal musings of one or more characters.
17. Fanfic readers and writers understand the shows better than your average fan.
18. Fanfic readers and writers understand the shows better than the writers and producers of the shows.
19. Fanfics should not violate the canon of the show.
20. Fanfics published in hard form are generally of higher quality than those published on the Internet
21. Fanfic writers are usually more in touch with the show than the professionals that write for the shows.
22. I like to stay in the same genre with my fanfics as the original show.
23. I only read or write fanfics about shows I really like to watch.
24. I don't care if anyone reads my fanfics, it is writing them that is important.
25. I enjoy receiving feedback from people who read my fanfics.
26. I read or write fanfics to feel more a part of the characters and/or universe of the original show.
27. I read or write fanfics to explore the internal thinking and motivations of the characters in the original show.
28. I write fanfics to explore the internal thinking and motivations of the characters in the original show.
29. Fanfics should fit into the show's story arc.
30. I like reading and writing fanfics that have new characters that interact with those drawn from the original show.
31. I like fanfics that create a new milieu (e.g. an alternative universe, the author's home, the historical past) and place the characters drawn from the original show into it.
32. I collaborate with others when writing fanfics.
33. I change my fanfics because of feedback.
34. I have written fanfics in response to a fanfic challenge or contest.
35. I have written fanfics based on spoiler or rumors for future episodes.

36. I read: (Check all that apply)

37. Do you participate in any on-line discusion groups associated with the shows you enjoy? (Regardless of whether you read or write fanfics about them)

38. Do you participate in any on-line discussion groups associated with the fanfics you enjoy reading or writing?

39. Have you ever provided feedback for fanfics posted on-line?

40. Have you ever been a beta-reader for fanfics posted on-line?

41. Have you ever been an editor or provided revision suggestions for fanfics not posted on-line?

42a. Are fanfics different from other forms of fiction?

If no, go to Questions 43a.

42b. If yes, how are they different?

43a. Do you personally know of any fan sites being shut down (or partially shut down) because of threats of legal action by the entertainment industry?

43b. Please describe the incident in as much detail as you can (including the old web address, is possible).

43c. Can you provide me with contact information for the person/people whose website was shut down (or anyone who can provide that information)? THIS IS FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY. I AM NOT GOING TO CAUSE TROUBLE FOR ANYONE INVOLVED. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS - DR. LEVI AT levia@pdx.edu

44. Do you use a beta reader, an editor, or any other kind of revision suggestions before distributing your fanfics?

45. Have you ever written fanfics for shows that you have not seen?

46. Since the rise of the Internet, my general involvement in fandom has:

47. Since the rise of the Internet, my fanfic reading has:

48. Since the rise of the Internet, my fanfic writing has:

49. Before the Internet, my fanfics were: (Check all that apply)

50. On Internet websites, my fanfics are now: (Check all that apply)

51. Since the rise of the Internet, I no longer read fanfic in hardcopy.

52. Since the rise of the Internet, I no longer publish my fanfic in hardcopy.

53a. Is fandom changing because of the Internet?

If no, go to question 54a.

53b. How is it changing?

54a. Is fanfic changing because of the Internet?

If no, go to question 55.

54b. How is it changing?

We have just a few more questions so we can group your responses with others.

55. Are you male or female?

56. Into which of the following age groups do you fall?

57. Are you married or single?

58. Are you dating?

59. What are your sexual preferences?

60a. Do you have any sort of disability or chronic illness/condition?

If no, go to question 61.

60b. Would you please share/list what that illness/condition is?

61. Including yourself, how many people live in your household?

62. How many children (under 18) live in your household?

63. Do you live:

64a. Are you currently employed outside the home?

If answer to 64a was 3, go to question 65.

64b. What is your occupation?

65. What is the highest level of education you completed?

66. Which of the following best describes your racial background?

67. What is your ethnic or cultural background? (Examples: Irish, Japanese, Lakota)

68. Of what country are you a citizen/subject?

69a. In what country do you currently reside?

69b. If in the U.S., what state?

70. Into which general category does your yearly household income fall?


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