Political Science 343, Winter 2008


Student Briefings on Internal Conflicts





Guidelines for Briefings

Briefing papers are to be coauthored and should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced (about 1,000 words). Bibliographies should include both print and online sources of information. Papers are due one week after the oral briefing.



Briefing Assignments


Students assigned to each internal conflict are listed below, along with the dates of the briefings. No later than 28 January, each pair of students must submit a short statement, no more than a few sentences, indicating the division of labor that will be used in conducting research and preparing the oral briefing and paper.


18 Feb

  Colombia Mike DeVietro Jenna Westerlund
  Peru Daniel McKay Staci Rethati
  Philippines (Mindanao, Islamic insurgency) Christie Mroczek Aubra Penner
  Russia (Chechnya) Larry Muzzy Acadia Owen


20 Feb

  India (Nagaland) Kyle Erickson Takuya Watanabe
  Laos (Hmong rebellion) Dayna Fischer Moses Tatman
  Pakistan (Baluchistan, Waziristan) Nathan Krumm Anne-Sophie Sarthou


22 Feb

  Afghanistan Shawn Barron Shoko Yamagiwa
  Nepal Kristy Halls William Smith
  Palestine (Gaza) Scott Lemons Ashley Woodrow


25 Feb

  Algeria Amanda Bleau Kristen Roland
  Myanmar (Karen, Shan) Jordan Kokich Anthony Stine
  Somalia Andrei Tutui Tu Nguyen


27 Feb

  Democratic Republic of Congo (Kivu) Megan Jensen Corey Watson
  Ethiopia (Ogaden, Oromiya) Marlena Clark Chantea Watson
  Senegal (Casamance) Mai Natori Carrie Nichols


29 Feb

  Chad Annie Brown Elizabeth Williams
  Niger/Mali (Taureg rebellion) Richard Hensel Stephen Schaell
  Nigeria (Niger Delta) Gloria Ngezaho Kirsten Saul