International Seminar on Low-Dimensional Homotopy Theory
and Combinatorial Group Theory

Date: 12--21 July 2009

Location: Wallowa Lake Lodge in Joseph, Oregon.


This meeting focuses on unsolved problems in low-dimensional homotopy theory and combinatorial group theory. These include Whitehead's Asphericity Conjecture, the Andrews-Curtis Conjecture, Wall's Domination Problem in dimension two, the relation gap problem, and the Eilenberg-Ganea Conjecture. This seminar is in succession to similar conferences held in Luttach (Italy), the Pacific Northwest, and Russia. The workshop format emphasizes detailed discussion of ideas in progress and collaboration of the participants, from advanced graduate students to early-career researchers to senior experts.

Update 20 May 2009:  The National Science Foundation, Division of Mathematical Sciences, has awarded Portland State University a grant for participant support (partial subsidies towards travel expenses), and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences has granted supplementary support for the same purpose.



F. Rudolf Beyl, beylf at pdx dot edu, Portland State University
Jens Harlander, jensharlander at boisestate dot edu, Boise State University

Local arrangements chair

Nancy T. Waller, walln at pdx dot edu, Portland State University




If interested, please contact the organizers by 22 May 2009 (well, the sooner the better). Available space is limited. Graduate students are requested to provide a reference familiar with their work.