Paulson Photo

A. B. Paulson

Associate Professor
Department of English
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Courses Regularly Taught

Eng 364-5-6  American Fiction
Eng 4/586  Contemporary  Amer Novel
Eng 4/587  Contemporary American  Short  Story

Eng 313     American Short Story
WR  4/512,  513  Advanced Fiction Writing
WR  4/510  Reading for Writers
WR  4/510  Research for Writers

Often offered during the Summer

Eng 4/548  Moby Dick
Eng 365     American Fiction 1900 -1955

WR 312      Intermediate Fiction Writing

Eng 4/586 American Novel 1967-1985:  
 Author's Pages / Links   

Money in American Literature
The Consumer Price Index: 1800 -2007  
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Paulson's Short Fiction
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