Greg Schrock

Teaching and Scholarship about Cities, Work, Opportunity, and Equity


My scholarship is focused on three areas:

“Opportunity targeting” and workforce development:
My primary area of scholarship relates to planning and public policy for “opportunity targeting.” This entails efforts to direct the benefits of economic growth and development in ways that directly mitigate social and racial inequities at the community and regional scale, through policy tools like “first source” and local hiring policies. My work examines how workforce development policies and institutions can foster economic development and social and racial equity.

Inclusive innovation, manufacturing and “working regions”:
This area of scholarship examines the changing relationship between innovation and manufacturing production within cities, and the resulting opportunities for generating and sustaining middle‐wage, middle‐skill jobs. In particular, my work examines the institutional conditions that support the successful translation of innovation into manufacturing, and ultimately, inclusive economic development.

Human capital and urban distinctiveness:
This area of scholarship examines how workers – especially younger, college educated workers – are responding to a changing set of labor market opportunities and constraints through their choices about where and how to live and work. These choices respond to, and at the same time shape, the economic development of cities and regions through their contribution to places’ stock of human capital and talent, but also by reinforcing the distinctive economic, social and political character of those places, which is part of what draws people to those places.