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Note: Most Humboldt-named schools in the United States and Canada are located in towns or in neighborhoods of cities which have, or at least once had, large ethnic German populations. They (or the locales from which the schools later got their names) generally acquired their names when the German ethnic population was still relatively aware of its identity; that is, after around 1848 and before 1917. The inner-city Humboldt schools often serve populations that are quite other than German-American, frequently Hispanic and black. The Humboldt Project also includes counties and schools districts named for Humboldt.

The Humboldt-named schools in Latin America are bilingual (Spanish, German) or multilingual (Spanish, German, English)

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Humboldt Park School Engagement Initiative (Chicago, IL), program to develop innovative, community-based curriculum for the arts
Humboldt Schools contact info (2006 - NOTE THE YEAR), compiled by Leonard Allen: .doc file.xls file

Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Juegos Humboldt / Humboldtspiele / Humboldt Games, 2011 - Athletic competition held every other year (for 80+ years) among German-speaking schools of Latin America; participating schools 2011: Perú (Lima, Arequipa); Ecuador (Guayaquil, Quito); Bolivia (Cochabamba, Santz Cruz); Colombia (Medellín, Barranquilla, Cali, Bogotá); Brazil (São Paolo)

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Arizona (Prescott Valley): Humboldt Unified School District

Phone: (928) 759-4000 • Fax: (928) 759-4020 • 8766 E. Highway 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Four levels (Early Launch, Elementary Foundation, High School Preparatory, College & Career Preparatory); many flavors of education; 12 schools, including Humboldt Elementary School

2007: K-5 255 students; preK-12: 4908 students in 9 schools; has a FATES (Foundation for Achievement through Educational Success)

California: Humboldt County Office of Education

901 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501 • tel (707) 445-7000
includes many school districts, some quite isolated; has Spanish immersion school "Fuenta Nueva"; related (via Humboldt State University): Humboldt Music AcademyHumboldt Art Academy

California: Eureka

Humboldt Bay High School
2100 J Street, Eureka, CA 95501
Fax 707/442-6477

"alternative education facility for at-risk students"

California: Northern Humboldt Consortium of Schools

Northern Humboldt Adult Education
2755 McKinleyville Avenue, McKinleyville, CA 95519 • 707 839-6460
Northern Humboldt Community Day School (Arcata) - not sure whether still exists (2012)

California: Southern Humboldt Unified School District, Miranda, CA

1333 Redwood Drive, Suite B, Garberville, CA 95542-0129 • 707 923-2789

None of the schools is named "Humboldt"

2007: 1050 students (in an area half the size of Rhode Island, including Redwood State Park)

Illinois (Chicago): (Alexander) Von Humboldt School

2620 West Hirsch Street, Chicago, IL 60622 • 773 534-4480
Chicago Public Schools also has a JW von Goethe Elementary

school name is alphabetized variously (A, V, H)

Illinois (Chicago): Humboldt Community Christian School

Humboldt Community Christian School
1847 North Humboldt Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Phone (773) 278-6330

Illinois (Chicago): Humboldt Park School Engagement Initiative • 312.870.6140

Building Community through the Arts (BCA) and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE)

not a Humboldt School, but rather in the Humboldt Park neighborhood; project "El cuarto año" with Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture

Illinois (Humboldt)

Humboldt Treatment & Learning Center, Humboldt, IL

"serve[s] students with severe behavior/ emotional disorders"

Iowa: Humboldt Community School District

1408 9th Avenue North, Humboldt, IA 50548

preK-12: 1384 students

Humboldt High School, 1500 Wildcat Rd, Humboldt, IA, 50548
tel: (515)332-1430

2007: 499 students

Humboldt Middle School
210 North Taft St, Humboldt, IA 50548

2007: 333 students

Kansas: Humboldt USD 258 (SE Kansas, Allen County)

Humboldt Elementary School
1100 Central St
Humboldt, KS 66748-1899

(2007) Elementary (K-5): 226; Middle (6-8): 111; High (9-12): 161. Town population: 2178

Minnesota: Humboldt Senior High School

30 East Baker Street
Saint Paul, MN 55107

Grades 7-8 are Junior High; offers French 1 & 2

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Missouri (St. Joseph): Humboldt Elementary School

1604 North Second Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501 tel (816) 671-4190

2007: 350 (K-6); "Humboldt's innovative staff continually strives to develop educational techniques which encourage students to become enthusiastic learners."

Nebraska: Humboldt Table Rock Steinauer Public Schools

Elementary & High School: 810 Central Ave
Humboldt, NE 68376-9706
Middle School: 608 State St Box F
Table Rock, NE 68447-0190
402 839-2085

Humboldt School Foundation - article by Humboldt High grad (1982) about teaching physics at Oxford

Nevada: Humboldt County School District

310 E. 4th Street, Winnemucca, NV 89445; Superintendent's office: 775 623-8100
None of the schools carry the Humboldt name.

north central Nevada; 2007: 3500 in 11 schools

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New York: PS 115 Alexander Humboldt School

586 W 177th St
New York, NY 10033-7214

2006: 1107 students K-6, Title I school

Oregon: Humboldt Elementary School (Portland)

Humboldt Elementary School
4915 N Gantenbein | Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-5468 | Fax: (503) 916-2638

preK-8; 2006 K-5: 283

Oregon: Humbolt Elementary School (Canyon City)

329 North Humbolt
Canyon City, Oregon 97820

Phone: (541) 575-0454


Tennessee: Humboldt City Schools

Humboldt High School
2600 Viking Drive, Humboldt, TN 38343
Phone: 731-784-2781
Humboldt Middle School
1811 Ferrell St., Humboldt, TN 383432599

"Home of the Vikings"

Wisconsin: Humboldt Park K-8 School

3230 S. Adams Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207

charter school (Reading First grant; Research-based Direct Instruction; technology integration


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Québec: Alexander von Humboldt Deutsche Internationale Schule

216, rue Victoria, Baie d'Urfé (Québec) H9X 2H9 • Canada • Tel. +1 (514) 457-2886 • Fax +1 (514) 457-2885

French / English / German private school, emphasis on science and arts. Founded 1980. Enrollment K-11: 280

Saskatchewan (Horizon School Division)

Humboldt Public School, 509 8th Ave., Humboldt, Sask
Humboldt Collegiate Institute, new in 2010

Has done "Collaborative Learning Projects for the Internet"

Latin America

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Brazil (São Paulo): Colégio Humboldt

Av. Eng. Alberto Kuhlmann, 525
Interlagos · 04784-010 · São Paulo

founded 1916; also has a Berufsschule (Portuguese, German, English)

Costa Rica (San José): Colegio Humboldt

founded 1912, re-established 1956; offers primary and secondary

Ecuador (Guayaquil): Colegio Alemán Humboldt

Colegio Alemán Humboldt de Guayaquil
Los Ceibos Calle Dr. Héctor Romero #216
Pbx: (593-4) 2850260 Casilla: 09-01-4760

IB school; trilingual Spanish, German, English, with 2 years of French as elective

Mexico (generic): Colegio Aleman AvH A.C.

campuses: Xochimilco, Lomas Verdes, La Herradura

Mexico (Puebla): Colegio Humboldt

Av. Cholultecas s/n, La Trinidad Chautenco, 72730 Cuautlancingo, Puebla. Tel.: (222) 285 51 53 y 285 40 73, Fax: 285 51 49

founded 1911; Spanish, German, English

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Peru (Miraflores & Lima)
Colegio Peruano Alemán - Deutsche Schule Alexander von Humboldt

Local Humboldt I
 Av. Benavides 3081
Ingreso: Marko Jara Schenone s/n. 
Miraflores (Lima 18) – Perú

 Local Humboldt II
 Av. Benavides 3572
Surco (Lima 33) – Perú

Venezuela (Caracas): Colegio Humboldt

Prolongación Avenida El Estanque
 Urb. Ávila
 Norte del Country Club

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As of January, 2012, the following towns and cities had schools named for AvH (includes some named for his brother Wilhelm)

"Gymnasium" in German means "high school for university prep"; Realschule: approximately "middle" or "junior high school" - 5th-10th grades, with "Mittlere Reife" as the diploma; Grundschule: primary school (4 grades, ages 6-10); Kindergarten can start as early as age 3; Gesamtschule - a combination secondary school, intended to avoid the elitism of the Gymnasium system and early tracking. listing of Gymnasien and similar schools in Germany: allonly the Humboldt-named schools


Bad Homburg

Jacobistraße 37
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Tel.: 06172/ 68707-0
Fax.:06172/ 68707-129

UNESCO Project School; named for both brothers; has partnership with Mwanga Secondary School in Tanzania

Bad Pyrmont

Adresse: Humboldt-Gymnasium
Humboldtstr. 30
31812 Bad Pyrmont
e-mail: redaktion
Tel: 05281 949 650 Fax: 05281 949 671

Bayreuth: AvH Realschule

Telefon:  0921-72 60 40
 FAX:        0921- 72 60 430
 Adresse:   An der Bürgerreuth 14, 95445 Bayreuth

has an observatory

Berlin-Köpenick (Spindlersfeld): Alexander von Humboldt Schule (ehem. Dorotheen-Lyzeum)

Oberspreestr. 173-181
12555 Berlin
Telefon/Fax: 651 97 88 / 651 97 87



Berlin-Tegel Humboldt Gymnasium

Hatzfeldtallee 2-4
13509 Berlin
Tel.: 030 433 70 08
Fax: 030 433 70 23

does some classes in English - subject-area teacher instructs (LAC)



Bornheim (AvH Gymnasium)


Delfter Straße 16
   D - 28259 Bremen

partner schools in Namibia & Finland

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Chemnitz (Mittelschule / Middle School)




Eichwalde (Gymnasium)

named for both brothers

Eppelheim (Realschule)

Maximilian-Kolbe-Weg 3, 69214 Eppelheim






Fritz-Reuter-Straße 1
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: 05371 98560
Fax: 05371 985630

Greifswald (AvH Gymnasium)

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Halle (Wilhelm von Humboldt Schule)

secondary and Gymnasium

Hamburg (AvH Gymnasium)

Rönneburger Straße 50
21079 Hamburg
 Telefon: 040 / 645 391 - 0
Fax: 040 / 645 391 - 36
 Unsere Leitzahl: 613 / 584

2007: 730 pupils, grades 5-

More about Hamburg AvH school: In 1999 the students did an internet project about AvH; it has an English version, which explores the many instances of the name Humboldt throughout the world (places, animals, plants), and an excellent link list, also in English, which includes, for example, the project about the Venezuelan bicentenary of AvH in that country (in Spanish)

Karlsruhe (H Gymnasium)

Kiel (Gymnasium)

2007: 753 pupils

Köln (Berufskolleg Humboldtstraße)

Konstanz (Gymnasium)

Korbach (Grundschule)

Humboldtstraße 5, 34497 Korbach
Tel.     05631/2971 • Fax.    05631/4091

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Möbiusstraße 8
04317 Leipzig

has Schülerfirmen

Ludwigshafen (Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium)

Magdeburg (Humboldt Gymnasium)

need to create login

Mannheim (Grundschule)

Mannheim (Realschule)

Gartenfeldstraße 20-22
68169 Mannheim
Telefon: 0621/293-76 27
Fax: 0621/293-76 75

pupils from 23 countries; has interreligious morning services

Monheim (Grundschule / Elementary)




Nordhausen (Wilhelm von Humboldt Gymnasium)

alternate site (humgym)



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Humboldt-Schule (Grund-, Haupt- und Werkrealschule)

2012{ 270 pupils

Radeberg (Gymnasium)


has bilingual track

Rostock (Wilhelm von Humboldt Gymnasium)


Schweinfurt (AvH Gymnasium)




named for both brothers

Vaterstetten (Gymnasium)

named for both brothers

Viernheim (AvH Schule)

(has [2007] a Schülerfirma that operates Energieagentur); also calls itself (2010) an Europaschule

Weimar Humboldt Gymnasium

Prager Straße 42
BR Deutschland


Gymnasium „Alexander von Humboldt” Werdau
Goethestraße 2 – 4
08412 Werdau
Telefon // +49 3761 21 17
Telefax // +49 3761 7 93 06
E-Mail  //

Wiesbaden (private Gymnasium)

Mosbacherstraße 36
65187 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 0611-843063 Fax: 0611-85728

named for Wilhelm vH


1/2010 project with Navigationskisten (Sielhafenmuseum)

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