John Erdman

Emeritus Associate Professor

Department of Mathematical Sciences

P.O. Box 751 
Portland, OR 97207
 Phone: 503-725-3644
 Fax:      503-725-3661 
 email:  erdman@pdx.edu



Area of specialty: Functional Analysis; Operator Algebras




Suggestions for Writing Mathematics




MTH 251 --- 254


Exercises and Problems in Calculus


Here is a splendid webpage concerning

The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics

that some students may find helpful as a guide to what not to do in

a calculus or other undergraduate math course

Itwas written by Eric Schechter at Vanderbilt University.


MTH 311 --- 312

Advanced Calculus 

A ProblemText in Advanced Calculus

MTH 343

Linear Algebra

Exercises and Problems in Linear Algebra



MTH 411/511 --- 413/513

Real Analysis

A Companion to Real Analysis



MTH 444/544 --- 445/545

Advanced Linear and Multilinear Algebra

Course Instructions / Syllabus

Elements of Linear and Multilinear Algebra



MTH 614 --- 616   

Modern Analysis

Lecture Notes on Operator Algebras 


MTH 617 --- 619

Functional Analysis

A Companion to Functional Analysis



Last updated: September 24, 2012