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Introduction to Roosevelt's Terrariums

My son Josh produced this brief overview video to introduce the shop.

Roosevelt's Terrariums specializes in planting enclosed, self-watering terrariums and teaching others how to plant them in our weekly classes.

Our science-based, artfully crafted terrariums are perfect for anyone who want to bring natural beauty in their life without the hassle. We also offer handcrafted Wardian Fern Case Terrariums and artisan gifts.

My son James and I are here to serve you. Our approach to business is very simple. We “do well for ourselves by doing good for others.” Let us do you a bit of good and we will continue to prosper.

— Gregg “Roosevelt” Harris, owner & proprietor

Your Personal Success with Live Plants

Our best customers are usually the folks who thought they had a “black thumb.” They have been frustrated in the past by purchasing tropical plants that looked great when they bought them, but which then quickly faded. The culprit may have been too much water, or too little water, too much light, or too little light, too much humidity, or too little humidity, too much feeding or too little feeding. You get the idea. And if that's not enough, there is the invasion of common houseplant pests and plant diseases. These challenges are real.

Our terrariums solve ALL these problems a once. In fact, (as we teach in our terrarium classes), the original terrarium was invented in the early 1800s specifically to keep tropical plants from dying during long and hazardous ocean voyages. If terrariums could allow those delicate plants to survive crossing vast oceans in all kinds of weather, they can certainly protect the plants from the dry air caused by modern heating and air-conditioning in your home or workplace. Terrariums work.

Closed-lid terrariums

Our terrariums water themselves so you can enjoy them hassle-free.

We have the perfect selection of terrariums for people who are new to growing plants, who are busy and need a planter that’s low-maintenance, who are looking for the perfect gift for their loved one, and even for people who are traveling and want something that’s portable. Come visit us today!

Specialty Products and The Wardian Case

Gregg with a custom Wardian Case

Our custom Wardian cases showcase the meaning of “extraordinary.”

At Roosevelt’s, we offer a large variety of terrarium supplies and options to provide you with the very best experience. One such product is our custom-built Wardian case.

Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward discovered the terrarium effect in 1827. Soon after he invented the Wardian Case as a means of transporting delicate plants across vast oceans. (I tell the whole story during each terrarium class.)

That's why, on the highest end of our line, we design and build extraordinary custom replicas of the original Wardian Terrarium Case design. They provide healthy homes, not only for larger tropical plants, but also for our cute little poison dart frogs.

Now you can have a beautiful rain forest in your own home or workplace, and succeed in keeping even otherwise difficult plants – like miniature blooming plants, exotic tropical vines, forest-floor ferns and lush jungle mosses – alive and well.

We have standard sizes in the shop, but we can also build these fine wood and glass cases to fit your interests, your space, your style and to some degree, your budget. They aren't cheap, but you really get your money's worth with a Wardian Case.

Poison Dart Frogs

If you look closely into some of our terrariums you will see our tiny Poison Dart Frogs looking back at you through the forest mist. These exotic tropical frogs are actually harmless when they have been raised in captivity on flightless fruit flies, far away from their jungle diet of poisonous ants that would produce the toxins in their skin.

They normally live for 10 to 15 years with simple care. We have quite a few and we sell them, along with their food, as a colorful addition to our larger terrariums (e.g. the luxury condominiums of frogdom).

A terrarium frog

One of our miniature terrarium residents enjoying his lovely habitat.

Give the Gift that Keeps Growing

Gregg crafting a terrarium

We carefully craft every terrarium by hand to your exact specifications.

Buy a Gift Card

There is something here for everyone, from our tiniest terrarium vials to our popular desktop terrariums and right on up to our replicas of the classic Wardian Case terrarium. Just drop by and pick out the perfect gifts for every occasion. Or, buy two seats in our Plant Your Own Terrarium class and do something together! Sometimes that's the best gift of all.

If you can't come in to pick the gift out yourself, just click the button below and we will send an Email Gift Card, with a note from you, to whomever you choose. It's good toward any terrarium, or terrarium class. Also, it's quick and easy!

We also have some “Frequent Flyer” Terrariums! These are small or medium size terrariums that travel well as a carry-on through the airlines within the contiguous United States. They are normally our shorter, low-center-of-gravity terrarium bubble balls, apothecary jars and whiskey bottles. They fit nicely into our gift bags with an ample nest of soft tissue to ride in. That way they sail right through security and onto the plane.

Please note: We cannot ship our PLANTED terrariums. (And fortunately for us, neither can Amazon.) That means all our customers must come to our shop here in Portland, Oregon to pick up their terrariums. It also means we get to meet you. So, whether you travel by car, bus, train or plane, our terrariums will travel well with you. Just keep them from getting too much heat or cold, and they will be fine.

So, now you can purchase a terrarium here in our shop, or, attend one of our classes to plant your own terrarium, and take it home with you on an airplane. It's a great way to keep a little bit of Portland with you wherever you live.

Come visit Roosevelt’s Terrariums today!