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Richard H. Beyler


Professor and Graduate Coordinator
History Department

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History Department
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Secretary to the Faculty

Tel.: 503-725-4416
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Secretary to the Faculty - OAA
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Information on the interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in History and Philosophy of Science


Repertoire of courses

HST 297/497. History through Film: Dangerous Knowledge

HST 300. The Historical Imagination

HST 387U. History of Modern Science

HST 427/527. Topics in History of Science: 

Darwin and Darwinism

The Einsteinian Revolution
Images of Nature and Systems of Belief
Science and Nazism 
Science Fictions
Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

HST 460/560. History of the Human Sciences (Top. Eur. Intell. Hist.)

HST 491-92/591-92. Reading Colloquim-Seminar sequences:
European Culture and Politics, 1918-39 
Science, Ideology, and the State in the 20th C. 

HST 490/590. Empires of Knowledge (Comp. World Hist.)

UNST 101N-103N. Human / Nature (Freshman Inquiry)
UNST 139A. Globalization (Freshman inquiry)

UNST 236. Interpreting the Past: Revolution and Evolution in the 19th C. (Sophomore Inquiry)
UNST 256. Culture of the Professions (Sophomore Inquiry)  


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Secretary to the Faculty

Curriculum vitae

  • 2015-present, Secretary to the Faculty, PSU
  • 2010-present, Professor of History, PSU
  • 2010-13, Faculty Senator, PSU
  • 2008-10, Chair, Graduate Council, PSU
  • 2004-10, Associate Professor of History, PSU
  • 2002, Visiting Research Scholar, Commission for the History of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in the National Socialist Era, Berlin
  • 1996-2004, Assistant Professor of History, PSU
  • 1995-96, Volkswagen Foundation Fellow, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC
  • 1994-95, Rathenau Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin
  • 1994, Ph.D., Harvard University (history of science)
  • 1987, B.A., Goshen College (history and mathematics)

Teaching fields

  • History of science
  • European intellectual history
  • 19th- and 20th-century German history
  • Comparative world history

Research fields

  • Scientific institutions in Weimar, National Socialist, and post-World War II Germany
  • Biophysics in the early 20th century
  • Cultural relations of modern physics
  • Historiography of science (history of history of science as an academic pursuit)

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