Grace L. Dillon, Associate Professor
Indigenous Nations Studies
Portland State University

Personal Statement

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Recent Publications

Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction. University of Arizona Press, 2012.

Selected Reviews

Fantasy Matters
Indian Country Today
Publishers Weekly
Science Fiction Studies
Southwestern American Literature

Haint Stories Rooted in Conjure Science: Indigenous Scientific Literacies in Andrea Hairston’s Redwood and Wildfire.” In Black Planets, Brown Planets. Ed. Isiah Lavendar III. Under contract with University of Mississippi Press.

“Ray Bradbury’s Survivance Stories.” In Ray Bradbury, the Southwest, and Planetary Science. Ed. Gloria Ptachek McMillan. Under contract with McFarland & Co. Publishers.

Global Indigenous Science Fiction.” Symposium on SF and Globalization. Science Fiction Studies 39:3 (November 2012), 377-79.

Diaspora Narrative in Battlestar Galactica.” Journal of Science Fiction Film and Television 5.1 (2012), 1–21.

Manitous.” Entry in The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic MonstersUnder Contract with Ashgate Publishers.

“Windigo.” Entry in The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic MonstersUnder contract with Ashgate Publishers. 

Invited Book Review, “Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature. Edited by Qwo-Li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda, and Lisa Tatonetti." Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 2011,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 37. 4 (2013). Published by the American Indian Studies Center at UCLA.

Invited Book Review. "Gary Westfahl, The Spacesuit Film: A History, 1918-1969." SFRA Review 304 (Spring 2013): 25-26.

Invited Film Review. “Avatar.” SFRA Review 291 (Winter 2010): 18.

Previous Publications

Hive of Dreams: Contemporary Science Fiction from the Pacific Northwest
. Oregon State University Press, 2003. 

“Totemic Representations in Recent SF.” Extrapolation 49:1 (Spring 2007), 70-96.

“Indigenous Scientific Literacies in Nalo Hopkinson’s Ceremonial Worlds.” The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 18:1 (Spring 2008), 23-41..

“Scarification and Survivance in China Miéville’s The Scar.” Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 36:101 (Winter 2007): 13-25.

“Miindiwag and Indigenous Diaspora: Eden Robinson’s and Celu Amberstone’s Forays into ‘Postcolonial’ Science Fiction and Fantasy.” Extrapolation 48:2 (Summer 2007): 219-43.

“L’impulso divinatorio di Philip K. Dick: il ragno e l’ape” (“Dick’s Vatic Impulse: The Spider and the Bee”). Transmigrazioni: I mondi di Philip K. Dick. Edumonde Le Monnier, Firenze, 2006. 52-60.

“Mocking Imperialism: A Lively Hyperbolical Amplification in Spenser's Faerie Queene.” Renaissance Papers. Eds. T. H. Howard-Hill and Philip Rollinson. Camden House, 1998. 19-28.