Cruzan Lab - Portland State University - Biology

Mitch Cruzan, PI

My primary interests are in the fields of ecology, population genetics, and evolution. I have used two systems (the Piriqueta hybrid zone in Florida, and the invasive Brachypodium sylvaticum in Oregon) to address questions relevant to the evolutionary consequences of hybridization. In the last few years I have shifted much of my research efforts towards developing the invasive false brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) as a model for investigating the evolution of invasiveness and processes associated with rapid range expansion. Our research to this point has focused on identification of native source regions and introduction sites (Rosenthal et al. 2008), and range expansion dynamics (Ramakrishnan et al. 2008; Ramakrishnan et al. 2010).  The information from these studies have provided a backdrop for the development of undergraduate Honors, MS, and dissertation projects.  Our goal is to use this system to address general questions in ecology and evolutionary biology.  Results from these investigations will inform management efforts for the control of false brome invasions.

A recent copy of my CV  is here.