So a tip from the democrat underground led me to the transcript of
CNN's Saturday Edition, March 9, 2002 - 10:00 ET
during which, U.S. House of Representatives majority whip Tom Delay said:

"If we had had the leadership of a George W. Bush back in
the Vietnam War days, we probably would not have lost that war."

Does Mr. Delay honestly believe this? Who knows,
but he went on to say:

"We would have gone in and won it. We would have given our soldiers
the kinds of weapons that they needed. We would not have the rules of
engagement that the liberals put on them. We would have allowed them
to win this war."

This is just plain crazy. Mr. Delay was responding to
John Kerry's reminder (to Delay and Trent Lott) that
democracy is made stronger by its tolerance of dissent and
that in a democracy, people have the right to free speech.

Personally, Mr. Delay's notion that George W. could, if
President, have won a war his daddy got him out of fighting
leaves me speechless.