The Balloon Sleeve Trench

Contrast Stitching

Contrast Stitching simply means that instead of using thread that matches the fabric, a contrasting color is used. This highlights the stitching and generally gives the garment a more sporty feel.

This technique was became popular in the 1960s, especially for school-aged children and teenagers.


Lined with our finest, plush, rabbit-down velvet imported from Siberia.

Exclusively to make you feel like your wading through an ancient and exotic version of nirvana.

Balloon Sleeves

This season's is all about statement sleeves. Think '80s. Think power. Think ridiculous, voluminous, medieval arm-wrapper.

Now work it.

Dress Up // Dress Down

This transitional trench is exceptionally versatile.

Wear it to a coronation or wear it with sweats. Wear it while eating soup in bed or to your next unpaid internship interview.

There are no rules.

The Year of the Bishop Sleeve


Sometimes called a "poet sleeve", the bishop sleeve reigned during the Edwardian Era, just before WW1.

The sleeve made a brief comeback during the hippie era of 60s and 70s, only to disappear again until now.

Love is like a red, red rose.
1904 1925 1945 1965

The Birth of the Big Button


Plastic technology in the early 20th century gave way to a button explosion.

Now everyone could afford buttons. They starting manufacturing all shapes and sizes.

One, two, buckle me...
1904 1925 1945 1965

T is for Trench


Trench coats actually were worn by military personel in the 19th century, especially during inclement weather.

After WWII, the trench became a staple for the masses, worn by men and women alike. Audrey Hepburn popularized the trench.

An ode to the individual!
1904 1925 1945 1965

Opposites Attract


Constrast stitching has occured for centuries, but it was most likely to a product of poverty rather than an intentional choice.

During the 1960s, contrast stitching gained traction first with athletic wear and school uniforms, and gradually made its way into the high fashion scene.

1904 1925 1945 1965