Biographical Sketch

Randy Bluffstone


Randy Bluffstone is professor of economics at Portland State University.  Randy’s research and teaching interests focus on environmental and resource economics, including pollution policies, deforestation in low-income countries and the economics of suburban sprawl.  He is the author of several papers, book chapters and two edited books, including Agricultural Productivity in East Africa: Investment, Sustainability and Poverty Reduction (with Gunnar Köhlin), which was published in 2011 by Earthscan/RFF Press).


In 2006 to 2007 Randy lived in Ethiopia and conducted research and advised the government on land use and forestry policies.  Prior to coming to Portland State, he taught at the University of Redlands and until September 1999 was deputy director of the International Environment Program at the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Randy directed HIID’s environmental policy program in Central Asia and from 1994 to 1997 served as senior environmental policy advisor to the Government of Lithuania. 


Randy received his Ph.D. in economics from Boston University in 1993 and from 1983 - 85 was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal.